View Full Version : Any EverQuest fans out there???

12th November 2000, 19:56
Well my nightmare has begin! I put together a system for a friend a couple days ago whos a big everquest fan. Its a 1 GHz Althon on a Asus A7V motherboard with a Asus Geforce2 GTS 64 MB with what I want to say are the 6.XX drivers (I can't remeber which onces since Nvida comes out with leaked drivers every two weeks its seems), an Sblive with liveware 3.0, 256 mb Ram. I have the Via 4 in 1 drivers installed and I had the computer running for a couple days doing some testing with variuos programs at home that I had and I had no problem besides a headache at looking at the monitor for awhile! To the best of my knowegele the Geforce isn't sharing any IRQs and the AGP memory size is set for 256 also. Anyone else have any other hints????

Doh forgot the problem hes having! The problem is that he can play everquest for awhile then it locks up after awhile.


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13th November 2000, 03:51
unless he plays dos games, I would disable sb emulation in device manager.