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11th November 2000, 14:37
Hey everyone! Was just getting into my new flight simulator, and my joystick decides to stop working! I have:

Yamaha DS-XG PCI soundcard
Gravis Blackhawk Digital joystick

In both Gravis' own GravUtil, and Game Controllers under the Control Panel, I get reports that the joystick is not working properly. In the Gravis Utility, the game port can also be tested, and sometimes it's working fine, sometimes it fails the various tests (axes, button, etc.) I get no conflicts or reports of problems under my sound card in Device Manager, and I don't have any other game ports on my machine. I uninstalled and reinstalled my Gravis drivers and software, with no improvement. Haven't done the sound card yet, but like I say, it appears to be working and this just happened spontaneously.

Any ideas?



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11th November 2000, 23:40
I'd say it is the game port on the sound card. Try another card. Or try your card in another machine (with his joystick 2)

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12th November 2000, 00:08
just out of interest aaroncgi, did you install dx8 as I've read a few posts elsewhere where dx8 was blamed for this behaviour.

12th November 2000, 00:14

No, I am still using DirectX 7. Don't have any immediate plans to install DX8. Wish it were that simple, I think it's probably going to come down to the sound card. Not sure why the game port would fail after only about two and a half years, but what the heck, I only paid $30 for it. Seems to be some nice cards coming out now..

Is there such a thing as a separate game port card anymore? I know Gravis used to make one, but all their stuff seems to be disappearing or bought out and then altered by someone else... (Kingston I think).

One thing I also considered was switching to a new joystick, a USB one. Do these have any downsides? If my sound card is working fine except for the gameport, could just not use the port eh?


12th November 2000, 05:26
aaroncgi, my usb sidewinder joystick has given me zero problems. got usb in view of the problems with getting sb live gameport working properly with a digital joystick.

12th November 2000, 07:58
DX8 *might* help you out here, it certainly did for me in Win2k with a Sidewinder 3D Pro that didn't want to co-operate. However, if you install it and find it worse than before you are basically stuffed as far as removing it goes...

Nick L
12th November 2000, 08:10
Ayoub - I know your grief, I have a sblive and sidewinder 3d. I use it as ch flightstick.

I just noticed w98 calls it gaming options now instead of game controllers in control panel. I wonder when that happened

12th November 2000, 22:05
Which flight sim?

I use Logitech Digital Extreme (gameport version) and Soundblaster 64 PCI (aka Ensoniq), and I find the first time I use the sim after booting up Windows I need to go into Control Panel and configure the joystick. I also have CH pedals and the rudder needs to be calibrated every time after Windows is booted before I can use them in a flight sim. Then restart the flight sim and it now sees the controller(s).

I don't have this problem with the USB joystick from Logitech. However, I prefer footpedals over twisting grip for rudder control. That is how it works in a real plane (except it is heel rather than toe pressure that is used).