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9th November 2000, 14:39
Anyone read about the new ATI announcement of the RADEON™ VE with "HydraVision".
This sounds like a real competitor (if not successor) to DualHead.
"Independant resolutions and refresh-rates of the two monitors" and "Support for Win98/ME/2k..." - but they (Appian) don't say specifically that it supports both at once, independant resolutions under Win2k... Guess we have to wait for this to be finally confirmed.

Matrox should better release a faster chip soon, together with a fix for the Win2k DualHead problem, otherwise it might be too late.
At least for me DualHead was THE argument for the G400, with image-quality coming second.

But then maybe ATI's killing this thing again with their drivers...

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9th November 2000, 19:06
last week i bought radeon 64 ddr vivo-NICE!
too bad matrox did not listen,hate to say it-
BUT THIS CARD KICKS G400's ass.nice visuals.
ut really flys and is sooo sweet to look upon.WAKE UP MATROX!!

Brian R.
9th November 2000, 19:38
The Appian cards we use at work (Geronimo Pro) really suck for display quality. They are the worst quality display I've seen. Hope they don't spoil whatever that thing is with ATI.

9th November 2000, 20:12
It think Chris over at <A HREF="http://"http://wwwl.realtimesoft.com/multimon"" TARGET=_blank>UltraMon</A> mentioned that the Appians *do* fully functional multi-monitor support under Win2k.

Great, they announce this RIGHT after I finally ordered myself a GeForce2 and a GeForce2 MX PCI. The bastards! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


9th November 2000, 21:57
The only thing that tickles me with the Radeon VE, is the possibility that the DDR memory is 64-bits (like the G450 or the Creative GeForce 2 MX); how could they offer a Radeon VE with 32 MB 128-bits DDR-SDRAM+Dual-Head... uuh Hydravision for just $129 US...

10th November 2000, 07:03
Does hydravision mean that if you cut the monitor cable it grows another monitor?

Sorry, I"m bored. 8-)


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10th November 2000, 07:55
Nah, it means that your vision is very watery (eyes dying at ati's image quality) http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


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10th November 2000, 08:47
Originally posted by SteveC:
Nah, it means that your vision is very watery (eyes dying at ati's image quality) http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Don't be so fast here. I've seen a Radeon in action already and it would nearly have been the card I wanted as my next one - the only thing missing was DualHead.
The Radeon's image-quality is at least acceptable - yes I've heard of those "trinitron-issues" as well, but if you have a good (Iiyama) monitor the Radeon has a good sharp picture - so this "last escape" for the hardcore Matrox fans here when it's against the Geforces is only worth half when used against the Radeon.

The driver issue with ATI, especially for Win2k, is more argument against ATI than image-quality.

In any case the clock is ticking for Matrox, and it's doing so since quite some time now.

10th November 2000, 11:53
relax, it's a word-joke.

11th November 2000, 03:58

You are right here.

The Radeon is a fine card with excellent 2D/3D image quality and speed to burn. Trinitron issues are mainly related to the new, flat screen Trinitrons (ex. Sony FD line). The rest of the Trinitron monitors do not seem to have this problem.

Win2K drivers are still behind Win9x in speed and stability. While a number of people are using Radeon/Win2K, they are NOT getting the most out of their Radeon. OTOH, Radeon/Win9x is an excellent combination.



11th November 2000, 05:58
Yeah, what dzeus said - it was a joke!

11th November 2000, 07:26
Oh dear! I've just read somewhere that they're gonna use 64bit DDR RAM for the VE...
I don't know if this is true, but if it is (and the price seems to indicate it) it would kill the otherwise promising card. Together with the late expected shipping date (02/2001) I guess a 64bit RAM Radeon is not in any way competitive anymore. Seems to be a OEM candidate and more a direct competitor to the G450, then.