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6th November 2000, 20:26
I have a question and I am not sure which way to go.

One note is that I definately do not want to wait for next gen hardware.

I am looking for a two monitor solution. I am only partialy constrained for budget. The current Ideas I have will follow but if someone has better advice please offer it!

Entertainment is definatly high on the list. (games ect)

Version 1: A geforce MX twinview card. Maybe an Asus V7100 2VID

Version 2: A G400 Max (don't know if it'll be very good for games though)

Version 3: A creative Annihilator 2 GTS and a second card. Maybe a PCI tnt2 or tnt2 M64.

Any ideas on what would be best? Or even what combo actually works?

I am looking to buy this in the next week or so. (I've got a Tnt2 Vanta right now and it's killing me)



6th November 2000, 20:55
What will you be using it for, 2D, 3D gaming, 3D ogl rendering, DVD playback, etc... ? What monitors and intended resolution? Operating system? System specs please.

6th November 2000, 22:41
2d and 3d gaming.
occasional ogl rendering.
dvd playback for sure.
also as a nice way to work in 2d applications

I guess this could be described as wanting a good gaming card(s) that is functional for working at home.

OS is Win2k

1 19inch monitor
1 17inch monitor (thinking of buying another 19 inch one)

Resolution prefered is 1280X1024 (per monitor)

7th November 2000, 00:14
I reckon for those 2D resolutions you're gonna need to go Matrox.

What's the processor?


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7th November 2000, 01:19
If you're heading for an MX card, make sure you won't get trapped like the guy here ...

Chris B
7th November 2000, 05:41
I read somewhere (probably on this forum) that the there was big problems with the drivers for the TwinView on the Nvidia cards, and that in many cases it just plain didn´t work. Maybe that was something to take into consideration.

But then again.... it was some time ago, so maybe they´ve fixed that problem by now? Maybe someone knows a little more about this issue ???

10th November 2000, 03:53
If you are running Win2k I suppose you are better off having two seperate video cards.

Lack of support in Win2k make DualHead (and I guess TwinView too) not quite the same as it is in Win9X/Me or with two video cards.

10th November 2000, 16:23
Well, if you can wait a bit longer you should definitely take the newly announced RadeonVE into account, this is supposed to do independant resolutions even under 2k http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/Forum3/HTML/002811.html

Or just wait what Matrox (hopefully) has to announce on Monday...