View Full Version : USB....not quite !

28th October 2000, 15:13

I seem to have a really weird roblem, the usb port on my machine is just not working. It says soemthing has to be confirgured [firmware or bios seting which is not supported] My specs are
Duel PIII 600e running on
GigaByte bx7d motherboard
512 mb ram
Dv500 board [the Matrox is @home !]
Philips Cd rom

all this runs on win2k.

Now the weird thing is it just wont work, and it causes erros on the machine unles i disable the port fon Device manager. I keep getting an error with this entry of device manager: Intel 8327AB/EB PCI to USB Universal X Controller

help will be appreciated as I REALLY need my USB port to work.

It may me soeming to do with hidden resource sharing or something.


28th October 2000, 16:56
Do you have an IRQ assigned to the USB controller? There ought to be an option in the BIOS to set that.

29th October 2000, 01:54
yes i do ! but it just won't work ! Any Ideas ?

29th October 2000, 05:59
Have you tried the simply thing and removed from the device manager and let Windows 2k re-install it. Is the usb port trying share with another device? If it is move the card to another slot and see what happens.