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8th October 2000, 12:51
I want to upgrade my cpu on a P2B board and I'd really like to get some feedback on which cpu will work best. I'm thinking about getting either a PIII 600E or some Celeron II 566+. I'm not planning on overclocking the PIII much since I only have pc100 ram. I play some games and I also use various graphics programs like photoshop and flash, that's why I need some help. I don't know if an overclocked Celeron will work better than a PIII in those programs. Thanx for reading this http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

8th October 2000, 13:08
I was under the impression that celerons over clocked quite well due to the lack of onboard cache. However, there is no substitute for architecture. If you are going to use CPU intensive programs, then I would go for the PIII.

But then I'm hardly the ecpert at these things. - Just offering my opinion! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Brian R.
8th October 2000, 14:52
OT - CyberTek: Good show on the CTF action, don't you think? I like that site for Facing Worlds. Not much lag for me. We should try to get a few more MU people to join that site and populate the Blue Team for a few hours.

8th October 2000, 15:23
Hey !!I'm with you two on that[MU] has been well represented there.

Cyber as low as prices are I'd go for the P3 and make sure you get the CBo stepping.
A Coppermine will give you better performance for your graphics software.

They show what stepping the processors have and their prices aren't too bad.

Paul aka Darth_Mahl[MU]

9th October 2000, 00:24
Thanx for all your replies. Paul is there a way of telling if a cpu is CB0 by looking at the box or the cpu? I'm in canuck land and if I buy it from those US sites the canadian customs will add GST+PST+handling so it'll be cheaper if I just go out and buy it.

Killhouse rocks http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif It's a nice server with some good players at times. Unfortunately it has the team balance on I think and it sends players in different teams all the time so it'll be kinda hard to get everyone on the same team. It's fun to play with you guys at night. GG

9th October 2000, 03:09
It should read that the cpu is smp capable on the box.

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9th October 2000, 03:46
Here is the list from Intel that shows what SL #'s have the cBO stepping. The P3-700's seem to have the greatest overclocking potential.



25th October 2000, 12:58
Well I finally got a 700E on a cusl2 running in Win ME after getting a bad mb the first time. Now the cpu idles at 38-40 deg C with the mb temp at 28 deg C; is the cpu supposed to be that hot? It seems a little high running at normal speed with an FC-PAL35t and arctic silver doesn't it? I made an exhaust for the cooler and the air coming out isn't warm or anything. I'll try some other things and see but I wanted to know if that's the normal temp or I'm a little whacked. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


25th October 2000, 17:12
If your running a default core voltage 1.65v that is a bit high. What you could do is lap a bit off the plastic feet on the PAL35t. I believe that Alpha leaves room for a slight gap between the processor and the base of the heatsink. I did that to the one I used for awhile and it seemed to help a little.
I was also using a Delta fan which is loud but very effective.


27th October 2000, 12:13
Thanx for the help Paul. I have a Delta fan on the heatsink too that's why I thought the temp was a little high. I tried lapping the feet a little but that didn't help. I even left the case open and no change either. I'll just have to let it go at that temp unless I go lap the slug. A quick question, is it safe to use aluminium foil on the slug and the green top? I think I'll try to roast something on there lol http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif I want to make a something like a shim to see if it helps.

27th October 2000, 16:43
If you make or buy a shim you need to pry the plastic feet off the bottom. They come out easy. I just popped mine out of a PEP66 using a pocket knife.

Are you sucking or blowing the air on to the heatsink?? The Alphas work better using induction, (ie. sucking)