View Full Version : Sun To Buy AMD?

21st October 2000, 01:27
"The new multi-processing chipset of AMD will enable AMD to get into the lucrative server market from the LINUX side. Sun already practically owns the server market from the UNIX side, with AMD in its pocket, Sun can put an end to Intel's relentless push into the Linux server market. AMD and Sun will complement each other very much, and it is said that the FTC will have little or no objections on the deal."


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21st October 2000, 02:56
blabla... yesterday was rumour day...

nVidia was going to buy 3Dfx and ATI, and Sun AMD....

I am wondering if there ever will be another rumour-day like this... maybe something like:

IBM to buy Microsoft, Cyrix to buy Intel and BitBoys Oy to buy another extra 2 years before their first product will 'show up'.