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7th October 2000, 02:57
hello everyone,

I have just purchased a 600 celly which is guaranteed to 900 from overclockers uk. Problem is they are only guarenteed to 900 if the voltage is 1.85v. My new motherboard (bx133 by abit) will only go up to 1,75. and 846mhz Anyone know how i can get it higher?

I have tried reflashing the BIOS to get the default voltage to change but to no avail.

Needless to say i have double checked my ram and other stuff for compatibility and they are fine.


7th October 2000, 09:18
I got a celery 566 in hopes of oc'ing to 850. My mobo, my ol standby Abit BX6r2, only allows up to 1.7v on that celery. At first, it was not stable at 850 even at 1.7v. Then I put some Arctic Silver thermal grease between the cpu and heatsink/fan, and it is nice and stable at 850. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

What is your cooling configuration?

8th October 2000, 08:34
Been there and done that mate :-)

I have the artic silver and the big HSF. 1.75 volts and no stability. I have had to drop to 810 when playing 3d games

9th October 2000, 04:08
Hi Birdy,

you sound like you don't use a SlotKET ... true ?

I use an old Asus P2B-S (Slot 1) in confunction with Abit's SlotKET!!! and the latter offers various VCore settings.

Doesn't your MoBo offer jumpers as well as SoftBIOS ?


10th October 2000, 06:13
oh nuts!

I forgot about them! I will have to dig the book out now to find out what they do.

Fanx for reminding me.

And no i don't use a slotkit, the lack of a slot being the main reason :-)

1st system

[b]Coppermine 650E @ 946mhz (145mhz FSB). Globalwin VOS32 HSF (the hooge one with the air duct set to blow cold air in)Abit Bf6. 256mb Winbond pc133, USR Message Modem external, SB Live!, Maxtor Diamond Max 30GB!!@ 7200rpm, Quantum 850mb HDD, Promise UDMA66, G400 @ max settings, generic 50*CD ROM, generic 24*CD ROM, 3Com 10/100 PCI NIC. Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer USB. Win98/w2k Dual boot. All wrapped up in Songcheer Super wide with loads of fans and 2 PSUs. Belinea 10 30 40 17" monitor, FPS100 sound system, Cyborg 2000 joystick, generic keyboard.

Crossover cable

2nd system

Celly 600 @ 810mhz, Abit BX133RAID @90mhz, 128mb pc133, 15GB Maxtor HDD, Adaptec 2940 SCSI card, Plextor 40 speed SCSI CD, Yamaha 8x4x24 SCSI CDRW, All In Wonder pro 32MB, SBLIVE, 3Com 10/100 PCI NIC, 15in Dell Monitor, epson 460 stylus printer, genius vivid pro 2 scanner. Generic keyboard, 3d program pad, Genius netmouse pro, Songcheer Desktop ATX Case ATX,3 00Watt PSU (original went bang)

10th October 2000, 08:36
There is a trick to upping the max volts on most ABit boards:
1. Set the voltage as high as you can.
2. Flash the bios (you can use the one you're on now)
3. You should now be able to go higher becaus the v you were at will now be the default.

11th October 2000, 02:37
flashing the bios again doesn't work on this board :-(

the dipswitches only cover multiplier and fsb settings but not voltage, sniff :-(

Anyone know how to wire the pins?

11th October 2000, 17:06
Originally posted by birdy:
flashing the bios again doesn't work on this board

What do you mean ? You cannot reflash your BIOS at will ?

The trick is that after updating your BIOS you must not load the BIOS defaults as recommended in each BIOS upgrade procedure, but instead head directly into the powermanagement menu and increase the VCore further.

12th October 2000, 04:05
flashing the bios does not result in a higher available value for vcore on this board.
It seems that abit have removed the bios trick :-(