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9th July 2000, 12:35
For some reason under Win 2k 3dmark 2000 doesn't run the 64mb test saying theres insuffiecent memory. This says to me that AGP isn't enabled. It works fine under 98. If no one else has had the problem I'll have to dig deaper. Before anyone asks I've got 256mb apature size set in the Bios.
I can't post the IRq listing at the moment as I'm in 98 with another computer downloading from the Internet attached to it.
The motherboard is an Abit bf6 with the latest Bios. Soundblaster live, Huappage wintv, Promise Ultra 66, Adaptec Ultra wide scsi, Realtek 8029 pci network card.

9th July 2000, 13:03
How much Physical ram do you have? If you only have 128m then your not gonna be able to run the 64mb test. Hit Ctrl+Alt+del and you'll notice that your using around 50+m of ram (on a clean install).

9th July 2000, 13:17
3D mark won't run the 64 Mb test by me.I'm running w98 and have a g400 max.It also say's there isn't sufficient memory.I have 256 Mb ram and i'm using only 54 Mb.

9th July 2000, 18:40
Skips that test 4 me too 256megs ram on board and apature ..worked all the way in win 98 but not 2000 Hmmmmmmmm..btw same board ,BF6 Hmmmmmmm ..... Matt

Abit BF6, P3 600E AT 882,vantec 5030 cooler,256 megs Micron 7.5ns pc133 ram, G400 32meg Dh ,Promise fasttrack striping 2 Quantum ka 18gig's + 2 10gig IBM's ,Sb-live platinum ,Cambridge Fps2000 speakers ,Onstream 30gig tape ,Sony cdrw ,toshiba dvd, Lotsa fans,cables ,noise....

9th July 2000, 23:02
Hi folks,
does that on an ASUS P2B-F with 640MB RAM and aperture set to 256MB and any other setting as well, too. Works fine under 98.
AGPx2 enabled and working. All BIOS releases up to 1013 show the same behaviour, so I don't think it is BIOS related.
Must be some limitation to either the Matrox driver or W2K DirectX using AGP memory.
BTW, is your AGP memory limited to 16MB shown in 3DMark2K? E.g., is it the cards physical memory + approx. 16MB?
I'm not too concerned about it, it is annoying though.


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9th July 2000, 23:45
384 mb of Ram so it's looking more like a 3dmark thingy. Got another machine with win2k so I'll give it run on that.

10th July 2000, 10:34
Bugger it the other machines won't run 3dmark at all well they got cheapo cards in them.
How do you check that Agp is enabled in win2000.

10th July 2000, 13:15
SiSoft Sandra might tell you, although it has limited functionality under Win2k/NT

10th July 2000, 15:50
Get this, my system skipped that test also, which I understand G400 32mb, 128mn ram. But my girlfriends G200 16mb, 128mb ram ran it.
Both on Win98se

Both K6 on Epox boards

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11th July 2000, 00:10
Tried Sandra but it wouldn't run so I'm still in the dark. Anymore ideas anyone?

11th July 2000, 02:00
Odd that, Sisoft Sandra works just fine on my Win2k installation at work.

What about WCPUID, that lists AGP info I think.

11th July 2000, 12:11
wcpuid says that agp is enabled and has 256mb of memory. I'm stuck agp x1 but I don't really care about that at the moment.
Has anyone got it to work?

11th July 2000, 16:10
Thanks I'll give it a try

12th July 2000, 23:51