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6th July 2000, 05:35
But until then, I need a nice new hard drive... Any suggestions? What I am looking for is an ATA 66, yes I realize there is no real advantage, and 20-30gb. Speed is not a big factor so 5400rpm is ok.

Basically I just want to know if there is anyone in particular right now that I should stay away from...

As always, thank you for your support...


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6th July 2000, 05:39
I really love my 2 IBM 7,200rpm, ATA-66 drives.
Really quick and they also make so little noise.
The IBM drives are also considered rather quick in general by the industry.
I know a review about a month ago here in the UK had the 5,400rpm IBM drives out performing 7,200rpm drives by other manufacturers.
And the standard 2MB cache on the IBM's is a nice feature too.

6th July 2000, 05:46
on www.storagereview.com (http://www.storagereview.com) you will find the answers to all your questions...

Brian R.
6th July 2000, 06:35
If you are planning to oc your fsb, stay away from Maxtor. I second the motion for IBM. I've had nothing but good luck with them with ATA66. (and fast)

6th July 2000, 09:01
Also, stay away from Fujitsu.

6th July 2000, 09:08
I have to disagree with werdna - I have never had a problem with Fujitsu drives - I have always used them and IBM and have ziltch problems.


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6th July 2000, 10:01
the last harddrive I owned was an IBM 7200rpm and worked great as does my current maxtor 7200rpm http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

and yes, stay away from WD

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6th July 2000, 10:53
I have a Maxtor DM 40+ 30GB, and I love it http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif
It's fast and quiet, and I haven't had a single problem with it.

I also have a Maxtor 4320, and no probs with that one either.

If you want to sped a bit more get an IBM Deskstar 75 GPX (at least they are more expensive here in Denmark).

6th July 2000, 14:33
Not to say the same thing over and over, but I would definitely recommend the IBM Deskstars for IDE drives.

Had good experience with Maxtor and Quantum, but would still recommend the IBM drives.

As of late I am not impressed with WD drives for a few reasons and would recommend you avoid them.


6th July 2000, 14:58
I second that Steve http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

I have had 0 problems OCing with either drive make. The 34GXP's are oh so sweet http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

6th July 2000, 15:12
Thanks everyone, I was not expecting such a turn out. Off to pricewatch to look up prices...


Johnny Ray
6th July 2000, 19:49
I've only had two hard drives fail on me....a WD SCSI and a Fujitsu IDE. Also at work, of 6 Acma workstations with Fujitsu HDs, 5 have failed. I really like my Quantum and Seagate drives, and of course IBMs are great.


6th July 2000, 23:54
i recently got myself the maxtor 61.4 gigger. while it is only 5400rpm it does have 2 meg cache and it is ata66.

about a month ago i paid $270 for a brown box version of it. and i am happy with it.

7th July 2000, 01:15
Maybe I was a bit quick to judge, I get the opinion from my old 1.58G Fujitsu drive which is the slowest drive I've come across but not only that (after all like I said it is old), a friend of mine has warned me away from them twice after about 8 of his works completely failed. (He's help desk)

7th July 2000, 13:33
Be cautious on the vendor you buy the OEM IBM drives from. Depending on the agreements signed between IBM and the vendor, the warranty can be nill. I've had to sit on about 30 dead IBM Deskstar/Ultrastar drives due to this. (Gateway OEM drives). If gateway won't do anything for them, then you're SOL.

Just a word of warning, that's all.

WD - several failures, but good support/replacement policies. Enterprise drives killed themselves due to heat generation.

Quantum - some incompatibilities with NT, worked well under 98. (Love my Atlas 10K's... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif)

Fujitsu, personally have seen about a 3-5% failure rate out of the 300 or so that I've dealt with. But that was with end-users that brought in their system that fell off their tables while the system was powered up (kids fighting to get on the net http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif).

Maxtor, currently using in my gaming rig.


9th July 2000, 10:34
I've had nothing but Maxtors since my first 1.08GB IDE drive. Since then I've had 2 7GB-ers and now a pair of 20GB drives.

The fact that they are a little cheaper does show a bit, but none has ever failed on me, despite some hard treatment (like throwing one--with all my data on and no backup-- in my csrryon luggage and taking it on the 7 hour flight to Holland http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif).

All my problems with any drives by them has been due to either software (like Norton Utilities, which ate a drive, partition by partition), or Windows/hardwarew conflicts (moving a drive into a new PC with Windows already installed). You might say that that is a failure of the drive in some way, and maybe you'd be right, which is why I say that the cost savings shows a little, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the brand... I would just say try to treat Maxtor drives with care.

WD drives, on the other hand-- well, they seem fine if they work at all, but I've seen them fail almost right out of the box in a way that makes me very wary of the brand... to such an extent that even reformatting didn't make the drive operate properly. They do have good Customer Service, though, and lots of rebates and all...

I tend to think that Fujitsu drives, being even cheaper than Maxtor, are to be avoided, but I have no experience to speak of, and I've heard nothing but good things about Quantum and IBM drives, but again have no personal experience with either brand.

Good luck.

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10th July 2000, 07:47
Maxtor Maxtor Maxtor, cheap and good, now fast as well. IBM excellent drives, just a little more expensive. All 7200 rpm drives need to be adequately cooled. WD just say no, although tech support is good, I've had too many fail on me. Fujitsu I do not like, although I haven't used their >2GB drives (that's because at that time I had too many problems with them). Quantum, very fast but have had problems with the 4.3 Fireball and haven't trusted them since. Seagate, slow but reliable and pretty cheap.

That's my experience others will differ