View Full Version : Help P3V4X in total sleep mode

27th June 2000, 05:25
I can't get my P3V4X out of sleep mode(standby). By a mistake I shut down to
sleep mode in stead of shut down. And turned off power.
Now when I power up it won't post. Just black screen.

I have tried everything. Pressing everything on my keyboard both with power
off and on.

I have taken all my cards out. No good.
Tried booting with another bios (I have an extra). Booting without HD,
CD-Rom and floppy.

What to do now?

Asus P3V4X
Aopen HX08

27th June 2000, 05:30
Ah a via chipset thats doing something useful. Does it try to do anything any sounds at all.

27th June 2000, 06:22
Did you try resetting the BIOS? (Make sure all power is disconnected from the PC when you do this). Try Holding in Insert or Delete or F10 or something as you turn it on?

sounds like a dead board to me...


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27th June 2000, 11:17
Some motherboards are always powered even if shut down by the operating system. Have you tried switching off at the mains.
I've had laptops powerdown when crashed and saved themselves in a crashed state!!.

27th June 2000, 11:49
Yes... no good http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif