View Full Version : The i815E is the new BX after all?

20th June 2000, 02:05
Look here: http://www.sharkyextreme.com/hardware/guides/intel_i815_chipset/

Looks like the i815E outperforms the BX and i820 in all situations. WIth the new chipset being benchmarked as mediocre before, it seems the final silicon is like the new BX after all.

The only thing we need now it some other sites backing this up

20th June 2000, 03:27

Isn't it weird, the last test i saw from them, the BX came out on top when compared to a 820. Now it's getting 'trounced'

till i hear different i gonna stick with me BXs

1st system

Coppermine 600E @ 828mhz (138mhz FSB). Globalwin HSF (the hooge one with the air duct set to blow cold air in)Abit Bx6r2.128mb Winbond pc133, USR Message Modem external, SB Live!, Maxtor Diamond Max 30GB!!@ 7200rpm, Promise UDMA66, G400 @ max settings,Hitachi GD5000 DVD (region locked, what a bitch)3Com 10/100 PCI NIC. Win98/w2k Dual boot. All wrapped up in Songcheer Super wide with loads of fans and 2 PSUs. Belinea 10 30 40 17" monitor, FPS100 sound system, Cyborg 2000 joystick, Genius Netmouse Pro and generic keyboard.

8 Port hub

2nd system

Celly 333 @ 500mhz, Abit BF6 @100mhz, 128mb pc100, 10GB fujitsu HDD, Adaptec 2940 SCSI card, Plextor 40 speed SCSI CD, Yamaha 8x4x24 SCSI CDRW, pioneer dvd104s, hollywood plus dvd card, All In Wonder pro 4MB, Voodoo 2 12MB, SB16 pro, diamond sp56i modem,3Com 10/100 PCI NIC, 15in Dell Monitor, epson 460 stylus printer, genius vivid pro 2 scanner. Generic keyboard, 3d program pad, A4 cordless mouse, unnamed super midi tower ATX

20th June 2000, 07:37
Seems like Sharky messed up the benchmarks quite a bit... Thresh Firing Squad also did some benchmarks that seemed more reliable, and the i815E was slower in every test.

So i440BX + SDRAM or i820E + PC800 RDRAM is still the way to go (well... RDRAM only if you have a oil-field in your backyard)