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3rd January 1997, 17:45
Well yes BleemCast is a nice thingy AND the DreamCast uses PowerVR technology for 3D rendering so maybe Bleem will get some PowerVR optimizations, the PC version, which would be cool for all those who've got a PowerVR driven board! =)

12th May 2000, 09:36
Hey guys, look here everyone!

I want my Dreamcast to be a Bleemcast! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


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15th May 2000, 13:31

20th May 2000, 04:29
Hey, Steve, your news link was moved, I had to go to the official Bleem site (http://www.bleem.com/) to find out what you were talking about (though Vintage Gaming (http://www.vintagegaming.com) is a great site too).

So the point is that you can now play PSX games on the DreamCast? I like the sound of that!!! I really might consider getting a console in that case!

But it seems PSX owners and bleem!PC owners are PO'd (the one group because their investment is now dropped in value-- hmmn, where have we seen that syndrome before http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/icons/icon2.gif -- and the other group because bleem! is focusing on the bleem!Cast and leaving bleem!PC to rot in the dust, probably due to lack of personnel).

I don't care, though... if it works (and work out), and is not blocked by Sony, I'm ready to rock!

Now if only I'm not stuck with only "Mortal Virtua Urban Street Dragon Combat Fighter" (and its variants) to play...


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Troy Kreft
24th May 2000, 10:29
I don't know, but after you buy the 4 pack of modules your at $80. PSX is $99 & will be comatible with any game. What about newly released games is there going to be a pack 5 or is each pack developed around a certain number, say 3 or 4, of vendors programming style & it will catch all new games under that vendor.

I have Bleem & it does seem to help graphics, but some times it makes it worse, like Sledstorm. Also most games can't get enought speed.(playable though) You have to relearn the game if you play it on a regular PSX at normal speeds.

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