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22nd May 2000, 13:12

can you believe it? LOL

Just look what TOm lists as the features of the i440BX chipset:
33 MHz PCI at 133 MHz FSB? No
integrierted 3D Graphics No (you want to learn English/German mixture? Tom's hardware is the place to be!
FSB-Overclocking*** up to 155 MHz (ever used an abit motherboard with SoftMenu III?)
ACPI-Features Partly (ahum. BX supports full ACPI, and I think even the i440LX does).

and stuff like:
"Awadvs-03 runs into GeForce's fill rate limit with any platform, so we don't learn exactly much from this chart. "
why the hell did you include this in the article in the first place???????

and we get some more political correct smalltalk afterwards.... just what we expect of good old tom.

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22nd May 2000, 13:54
MMm haven't read the article but my Abit has got 1/4 divider which equates to 33.25 mhz. So okay your right about .25mhz bit.
Can't comment about softmenu up to 155 as I've only cheapo pc100 running at 113mhz and I'd need another heatsink for my processor anyway.
I know Tom has been writing crap at times but don't throw a complete wobbly.
I'm off to read.

22nd May 2000, 14:14
The Article is about the 815 chipset anyway. He does say that 155mhz depends on the PLL clock I suppose he could have mentioned the memory types poeple have used to overclocked.
Integrated graphics he says that ain't supported. Then saying that Intel never supported 133mhz bus speeds for the bx chipset so whats he on about when he says up to 155.
Yep looking at it now it's Toms normal crap.
Benchmarks seem to prove that the Bx still best.

22nd May 2000, 14:29
And then to think people still read Tom's pages... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

22nd May 2000, 19:42
Jordan - ouch!

Maybe they read his stuff to cure insomnia...


23rd May 2000, 00:21
It makes you laugth a bit after a bad day.