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11th May 2000, 03:59
A while ago I had big troubles with my HP-8100 CD-writer: I was not able anymore to successfully use the CD-at-once option, and my CDRW was not recognised in Nero. Also lots of burning processes failed. I spent hours on the telephone with the HP-support people, without much help. Recently I re-installed my system (I bought a new HD and a Marvel-G400), and all CDRW problems were gone. Later on suddenly the same old problems were back, but luckily I remembered having installed the VIA busmasterdrivers. After un-installing these, my CDRW was back healthy again.
Apparently this is a VIA problem which is also mentioned in their FAQ: http://www.viatech.com/support/faq.htm#ide
They suggest to use the microsoft busmaster drivers instead of the VIA's. Unfortunately the MS-drivers benchmark 50% lower compared to VIA's !!!
So my question is if somebody knows a work-around for this problem, either:
- using the MS busmaster drivers without performance loss
- using the VIA drivers without CDRW troubles


AMD-K6-2-300, EPOX-58MVP3C-M,
Marvel G400, 64MB+64MB(PC100+PC133), Maxtor DM40PLUS 30GB,
W98 (no SE), currently no overclocking (FSB=100)

11th May 2000, 05:37
Huh they still haven't sorted it out what crap.

11th May 2000, 13:53
I don't have a G400 but I've a FIC VA503+ with a K6-2 450 and use 4in1 ver 20. I have a Plextor 8x4x32 EIDE Drive that works flawlessly with EzCD Creator 3.5 and 4.02 and nero and CloneCD(WooHoo!!) AS_LONG_AS_DMA_IS_SET_TO OFF for the burner. With dma on it won't even function properly as a CD Drive

11th May 2000, 23:57
Well...uh... blush... blush...
It appeared that due to the installation of the microsoft drivers, DMA was turned back off for my HD's.
Turning it on resulted in even slightly better performance for the MS drivers compared to VIA's.
And indeed DMA should be disabled for the burner.

Thanks for your help.

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12th May 2000, 00:41
Via have be saying that for years. I presume they've fixed the zip drives by now.