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9th May 2000, 09:52
Hey there

Almost everytime i boot my computer i gives me this message MMSystem007, what can i do?

Tower chassi
Intel 440BX Chipset
1,44MB Floppy drive
MS Intellimouse PS/2
Intel Pentium III 500@560mhz
256mb sdram pc100
13,6gb eide (7.200rpm)
6X DVD + Realmagic hollywood +, and a toshiba combi 4*4*4*24 drive (kick ass).
MATROX G400 32MB SGRAM + heatsink and fan
USRobotics sportster isdn ta
Microsoft windows 98 + all updates
17" sony trinitron
Aureal a3d votex1
creative csw20, 5w speaker + 4 extra speakers