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27th April 2000, 05:50
Check out the press release here http://www.amd.com/news/prodpr/20092.html

No specs yet as for how large the on board L2 cashe is going to be or what speeds its going to running at. I think is goofy name though.


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27th April 2000, 06:07
The name sounds in Russian like 'foolon' or 'moron'...
I can predict low sales of the product here in this country...


27th April 2000, 10:47
My name is Duron, Duron I tell you.

Why are you laughing?


'Duron' is a variation on the Latin word 'durare' meaning 'to last'. Or at least that's what the press release says.

What I find funny is the fact that the L2 cache is the same size of the L1 cache. What they should have done, yields permitting, is made the Duron with 256 KB L2, the Athlon with 512 KB L2 and 1 MB+ for the Athlon Ultra. Then you'd see Intel really hurting.

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27th April 2000, 11:50
Wow, thought you said Duran Duran there for a minute. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif (80's girly band)

27th April 2000, 20:50
Well, at least they didn't call it the AMD Tampon...

27th April 2000, 21:22
Good one RAGS!!! (Get it?!?) http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif - DOH!

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27th April 2000, 23:32
Yup crap name. Already got poeple going round saying Duron Duron. I can see it go into a pc shop and ask for a Duron. "Go across to the music shop over there son".
Why didn't they keep to spitfire. It sounds good, sounds aggressive, sounds fast. Duron sounds like a cure for a headache or something.
Whats the next AMD chip going to be called Puron?

28th April 2000, 14:02
Eventually, all products will have crappy names like this, all the cool names will be legal property of some sauce company or something. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

28th April 2000, 18:25
Duron is AMD's Celeron. Stupid f'ed up name.
Wonder what they'll call Thunderbird.
Probably (fanfare) Athlon

Off to drinks rum

28th April 2000, 22:16
Duron's pretty sweet though. It's apparently out-performing Athlons right now. It may be their Celeron, but it's got much better cache than its predecessor.
The 256kB of on-die cache is rumored to be 16-way set associative. Ooo, pretty.

4th May 2000, 05:39
One guy wrote AMD a letter explaining they were about to lose the market in CIS. He got a quick response:

Thank you for drawing our attention to this matter. This seems to be a
common problem when firms launch products globally. I hope that this doesn't
damage your perception of AMD products!

I believe they hope vainly.

4th May 2000, 06:04
Here in the southeast U.S., Duron is a brand of house paint. Sorry, but I can't think of anything witty to say about that.