View Full Version : ATI Radeon 256 Press Release

24th April 2000, 19:55
"RADEON 256 marks ATI's entry and market leadership in the High-End Gaming and 3D Workstation segments"

Looks like ATI wants to forget about all their previous entries (and exits) into the High-End Gaming market...and I highly doubt that this will be any different.

Not to mention ATI's "leadership in the high-end gaming" market ends April 26th when nVidia shows what their R&D can do =)

Rob M.
24th April 2000, 20:38
I'm not so sure, If you've seen that (p)review of the geforce2 whatever it's called, that benched it against a regular geforce, you got about 30% optimimum increase in most situations, after that, it looked like the DDR sdram was the limiting factor.

As long as ATI has at least geforce (1) speed, and actually releases product in time, it shouldn't be a bad card. I'd be very happy right now with my G400 if I could get any of them stable under any platform. I like the extra features, they've kept me from buying the geforce so far. Only reason why I'm even planning to upgrade this year at all is the poor stability of this #@&%! card.