View Full Version : Win2k - Powerdesk & Hollywood+ Beta 1 Drivers

18th April 2000, 23:43
As the subject suggests, I have a G400max and a Hollywood + decoder card running under Win2k. Last time I tried the Beta 1 drivers from Realmagic, Powerdesk(Beta2) went to $H!T and all I had was 640x480 with 16 colors. Windows kept telling me that the video drivers had to be reinstalled.

At that point I uninstalled powerdesk and the hollywood+ drivers, including any mga*.* files I found. However a reinstall of powerdesk (w/o the hollywood+ installed) didn't get the video problem resolved.

So I did my first full reinstall of Win2k. Problem solved. Except I never installed the decoder card drivers after that point. I've been using the decoderless DVD drive since February, and realmagic still has the same Beta 1 drivers on its site.

It looks like realmagic gets their drivers out slower than Matrox releases new hardware...

Anyone experience this problem, and/or have a resolution to it?


18th April 2000, 23:46
Forget to mention one more thing...
I realize that the Beta Matrox drivers with the Beta Realmagic drivers might have been the issue. However I'm hesitant to install the decoder drivers again if a reinstall of Win2k will be necessary.

Guess I'm looking for some guidance =)