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11th April 2000, 08:37
Thankfully, nothing happened. (Actually, it could be my imagination, but I haven't seen a computer boot so quickly in quite some time.)

I bought a second Coppermine yesterday, a PIII 550E FC-PGA, and stuck it in an IWill II slocket. I set the VCore jumpers to what I thought was a CPU default setting, "No CPU." My motherboard, an AX6BC Pro II, interpreted this as 2.2 V, although I didn't know this at the time.

I rebooted, entered the BIOS, saw the dangerously off-spec voltage, and changed it from there to the "not so dangerously off-spec" 1.65 V.

At that point, I upped the FSB to 133 MHz, successfully booted into Windows, forced AGP 1x in the registry, and everything seems to be o'kay at 733 MHz.

By the way, the documented jumper setting for 2.2 volts is different than the setting I was using (all jumpers off). It's good to know that the CPU can put up with this nonsense for a short period of time, as it appears to give you a little breathing room when testing your motherboard for Coppermine compatibility.


11th April 2000, 10:18
Hey Paul,

I had the understanding that the flipchip coppermines ran at 1.60, not 1.65 like their slot 1 siblings. I have my FC-PGA 500E running at 1.60.

It was somewhere on this forum that I read the FC-PGA P3's ran at 1.60.



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11th April 2000, 10:43
Thanks. Spec is 1.60 V, but I upped it to 1.65 because I knew I was going to overclock it.

I think Intel has been upping the voltage on PIII's as they get faster, which is probably prudent.


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Mark F
16th April 2000, 23:19
Did you need to force 1X? I am useing your board's little brother, AX6BC Pro, and run a 550e@733 with the VCore at 1.60 (reports 1.62 at 133FSB) on an IWill SlocketII and it runs fine at 2X (G400Max).

Mark F.

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17th April 2000, 12:34
Yes. At first it appeared stable at AGP 2X, but things degenerated and I got a number of the errors associated with overclocking the AGP slot.

Forcing AGP 1x fixed everything.