View Full Version : Windswept

Brian Ellis
8th October 2013, 03:25
Quite apart from its beauty as an artwork, this fascinates me because it illustrates the chaotic nature of wind gusts by the way the aluminium arrows seemingly form patterns that then break up.


9th October 2013, 09:38
That is both beauty and wonder. I could see myself staring at that for hours trying to guess the name of the wind ;)

9th October 2013, 20:10
mesmerising...but in a few years all the creaking and clinking would probably drive you spare.
Still it be nice to have one in the backyard

Fat Tone
11th October 2013, 05:57
It's clear the platforms below and to the right of it are heavily influencing the patterns. I suspect placement is deliberate to add interest.

Good stuff.