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27th March 2000, 08:20
Can anyone direct me to a program that will test memory?

I found a page with programs that claim to test your memory to see what speeds it'll run at but can't remember where I found it.

I followed links from some overclocking site but I can't remember which one.

With my newfound fascination of making my computer run faster in every aspect (cable modem, more/faster memory, gonna overclock), I want to decide if my current stick of memory is worth keeping or not.

I've got 2 sticks of Crucial PC133 CAS2 coming on Wednesday...

Thanks in advance!

PIII 550 (not O/C'ed)
IWill Motherboard VD133
VIA Chipset
128Meg RAM
G400 DH 32MB (5.41 Drivers)
DirectX 7.0
SB Live! Value
8x DVD (Toshiba)
6x4x24 CDRW (Sony)
Intel Pro/100+ NIC
3Com CMX Cable Modem!!!
Optiquest V95 19"
HP 812C Color Ink Jet
Microtek flatbed scanner
Intellimouse Explorer
Surround Sound w/two subwoofers

27th March 2000, 09:28
There is a little ol' gem of a program called cachechk that does just what you are looking for, I think. It is a dos based program that tells you the actual performance of your L1 & L2 cache and your system memory for reads and writes. It is highly synthetic and does not accurately resemble actual programs running.

I downloaded this program several years ago from a site which I do not remember.

BTW, good choice on the ram you've got on the way.