View Full Version : This is Ground Control to Major Frog....

Dr Mordrid
12th September 2013, 20:39
From the recent LADEE moon probe launch -


A frog unwittingly made one giant leap for amphibian kind on Friday, Sept. 6, when it was catapulted into the air during NASA's LADEE spacecraft launch. A still camera on a sound trigger at Virginia's Wallops Flight Facility captured this incredibly well-timed shot of the frog's wild ride.

Lyrical parody from Burrito Justice (http://burritojustice.com/2013/09/12/ground-control-to-major-frog/)

Ground Control to Major Frog

Commencing countdown engines on

WTF are you doing in the pond

Check ignition and may frog’s love be with you....

This is Major Frog to Ground Control

I thought I had a few seconds more

And I’m floating in a most peculiar way

And the pond looks very different today

Can you hear me Major Frog

Can you hear me Major Frog

Can you hear me Major Frog