View Full Version : Staples to offer "Easy 3D" printing

Dr Mordrid
29th November 2012, 21:50

Staples to offer 'Easy 3D' printing service, put an end to hackneyed hockey masks

Just one more robbery and then we can happily retire. But there's this nagging feeling that our criminal swan song should be more than just another Class B felony -- it should be art. That's why we're heading over to Staples to collect a 3D printed mask that, for once, reflects how we actually feel inside. It's easily done: you upload your design files and Staples prints them out using a full-color 506dpi Mcor IRIS printer, ready for you to collect in-store or have delivered. The "Easy 3D" service will handle architectural designs, maps, medical models, replica weapons and anything else that can be made with fragments of paper arranged in 0.1mm layers up to a maximum height of six inches. The only downside is that the service -- which is due to start early next year -- will initially only be available in Belgium and the Netherlands. But they have banks too, right?

30th November 2012, 01:21
Not so sure this will fly. Designing will be a big hurdle for the masses me thinks (but it could be my judgement is coloured by me not having the time to read up on this).

8th December 2012, 21:41
Now Calvin can have a flamethrower... Free Plans!

Achmed the Dead Terrorist can now build a real Holraum for his Hydrogen bomb...

Various other devices innocuous devices can be made, of course.