View Full Version : Machine turns vote for Obama into one for Romney

6th November 2012, 11:07
A Pennsylvania electronic voting machine has been taken out of service after being captured on video changing a vote for President Obama into one for Mitt Romney, NBC News has confirmed.


Can you be sure there's only one?

Dr Mordrid
6th November 2012, 11:15
Something similar was happening in Florida, but in reverse - they were turning Romney votes into Obama votes.

6th November 2012, 19:17
The Pennsylvania machine was fixed after this was found. Still, not confidence inspiring.
I'm not a big fan of touch screen voting machines. They are unauditable in any meaningful way.

I like my State's (Oklahoma) system.
1, Every voter votes on the same type of machine.
2, It is a Scantron type machine where the votes are counted electronically, but there is a paper ballot marked directly by the voter to fall back on.