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15th March 2000, 07:30
How the hell do i change IRQ settings?
Als, do i have a problem if my modem is sharing IRQ 12 with IRQ holder for PCI steering?

15th March 2000, 08:45
Depends on your mobo and BIOS how you can change your IRQs. At least tell me if you've got an Award or Phoenix BIOS (or even another), and which version.

Your modem sits on IRQ12? Strange, as this is the PS/2 IRQ. Which Windows version do you use?


15th March 2000, 15:26
Well i dont know what BIOS i have, but it is a ALi M1541. I am not a computer whizz kid so i dont know what most of the stuff means. posted 10 March 2000 10:13
On the matrox forum you have this form that you must fill in, seems like a good idea to have our own form, so I made an improved version:
Please copy and paste the following text into your post and be sure to fill out each field as accurately as possible:

Matrox Graphic Card:Milleneum G400 16Mb 300MHz RAMDAC
Model #:
PD version:5.52(i think that is the latest)
VT version:
MGA Bios version:
Motherboard: ALi M1541
CPU:AMD 450MHz k6-2
Motherboard Bios:
Desktop resolution and color depth:800-600 32-bit
Direct X version:7
Hard Drive:16.6GB
SCSI card type:
Sound card and driver version:crystal 3D Audio. Latest( dont know number)
Monitor brand:compaq
DVD-ROM Drive (make/model):CD-ROM ATAPI 44 speed
Others:pinegroup 56,000 PCI Modem

IRQ listing:
0: system timer
1: keyboard
2: interrupt controller
3: COM2
4: COM1
5:Crystal PnP Audio Systems controller
6: floppy disk controller
7: LPT1
8: realtime clock
10:Matrox Millenium G400
10:IRQ Holder for PCI steering Wheel
11: Crystal PnP Audio system MPU-401 compatible
12: ESS Modem device manager
12: ESS ES56T-PI Data Fax voice modem
12: IRQ Holder for PCI steering
13: numeric data processor
14: ALi BUS master PCI to IDE Controller
14: primary IDE controller(Ultra DMA)
15: ALi BUS Master PCI to IDE controller
15: secondary IDE controller

15th March 2000, 15:30
Forget the wheel on the end of PCI steering
I must have got carried away!!!

15th March 2000, 16:01
That's okay http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Okay, I've done some checking on the internet, and found that your chipset is ALi 1541, which means your motherboard's brand will be something else.

Next time you (re-)boot your PC, hit the Pause key on the keyboard. Write down what it says on that first screen, then continue after pressing enter.

I have a hunch that it's an Award BIOS, though.

What kind of mouse do you use? Is it USB (long flat square connecter), serial (COM: - thick short somewhat rounded flat connector) or PS/2 (small short round connector)?

I ask this because IRQ12 would usually have the PS/2 interrupt. For a mouse or a keyboard.

If it's a COM: mouse, could you check for me at which interrupt this rodent is hiding itself? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Last question for today: Do you actually have problems with your modem on IRQ12, or any problems that relate to it being on IRQ12 (that you think you have)?

For if you don't have any problems, and all runs fine, why would you step on the dangerous path of changing IRQs? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


15th March 2000, 16:34
Well i was just curious because i read somewhere that you shouldnt have two devices sharing the same IRQ. The problem is that my Direct3D games keep crashinng while busmastering is on. Any ideas?

15th March 2000, 16:54
Well, what you could do is download the AGP patches from the ALi site, as suggested in your other thread over on Gaming. But I think you tried that already?

Anyway, here's the direct link to the drivers-site: http://www.ali.com.tw/eng/support/driver.shtml ... just in case you missed something http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

To go back to your modem:
12: ESS Modem device manager 12: ESS ES56T-PI Data Fax voice modem
12: IRQ Holder for PCI steering

Uhm, I don't think that it's wrong. Either one isn't needing an IRQ for PCI steering (wheel http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif).

But okay, I'll be needing the make of your BIOS to help you possibly change that.

For others out there), I can advise to kill the COM ports in Windows, but you'd probably lose mouse control then.

I'm not advising this, for there's probably a line in your BIOS saying "PnP OS enabled", so the modem wouldn't automatically jump to either free IRQ we freed when killing the COM ports.


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