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16th May 2012, 01:16
Over 20,000 years ago, humans won the evolutionary battle against Neanderthals. They may have had some assistance in that from their best friends.


The Cambridge researchers Paul Mellars and Jennifer French have another theory, though. In a paper in the journal Science, they concluded that "numerical supremacy alone may have been a critical factor" in human dominance -- with humans simply crowding out the Neanderthals. Now, with an analysis in American Scientist, the anthropologist Pat Shipman is building on their work. After analyzing the Mellars and French paper and comparing it with the extant literature, Shipman has come to an intriguing conclusion: that humans' comparative evolutionary fitness owes itself to the domestication of dogs.


Yay, King of Evolution, Baby :ninja:


Brian Ellis
16th May 2012, 04:17
Ridiculous. Homo neanderthalis, Homo erectus and Homo sapiens AND all the other Homo sp. and ssp. were all humans. Where the species overlapped, there was interbreeding. It is taxonomically unacceptable to consider some members of the genus Homo as different from others, any more than saying a Jack Russell is not a dog because a St Bernard is. Incidentally, we all have some Neanderthal genes in us: does that make us non-human?!