View Full Version : Cirrus Logic 5446 . Need win98 drivers

7th March 2000, 08:26
Hello !

Ok my problem is that CIRRUS LOGIC doesnīt have win98 drivers for the Cirrus Logic 5446 on board grafikcard! but the COMPPANY ISD has done win98 drivers for this card but they want money for it ???? look at http://www.isdcorp.com/downloads/cirrus2.pl

Ok does sombody have this drivers ??


Meil me them or something =) e-mail : grazagoth@darksites.com

My system

power. 300w full tower
3X 64mb (pc100)
Matrox Mill.. G400 Max
SBLIve Value!
Westren digital Caviar 10gb (udma66)
seagate 6.4 (udma33)
Hitachi 8x dvd / 40X cdrom
hp cdrw 8210i
samsung cdrom 40X
display : fujitsu e176 17"
and moorrrr
2 x hd coolers (4 smal coolers)
5 x80mm fans !


7th March 2000, 09:40
Here you go...

These are the ones that are freely available, however they do not list windows 98...


Best I can do for you at this time....


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7th March 2000, 09:49
Umm why. I had that on my P75 may it rest in peace.

7th March 2000, 10:25
I must test the drivers . but Thanx for the LINK !

7th March 2000, 10:59
They won't work ! You have to install W95 and then remove the drivers on floppies then reinstall in 98. Even that is dice. Set the cark on fire and buy a NICE trident for 12 bucks !

7th March 2000, 14:52
I cannot believe you said nice and Trident in the same sentence. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Just out of curiosity, is the Cirrus logic chip built into the motherboard?

8th March 2000, 01:16
Funny I thought the support was on the windoze 98 cd

8th March 2000, 17:25
High_Jumbllama !! Yeah itīs an on-board chip hell ..

My biggest problem is that the screen is so fu**ing dark ?? all the time , its not the display and not the adjustmenst on it and in windows ! i have tested all things .

It works fine with my curent drivers in win98 but its sooo daaaarkkkkk

Ok i gona buy a new sheap grafik Card to this computer buut can i put a annother card in my system ?? all i now that its a PhonixBIOS on this mainboard (Siemens Nixdorf Scenic Pro C5)
all i now about the mainboard is its model its an D943 ..

There is 2 c5 models but this is the worst model whit Cirrus grafic chip ! the better version has an matrox chip hellllll