View Full Version : My view on the US economy

Brian Ellis
22nd August 2011, 00:05
I have deleted this thread because what was a joke became a lame excuse to introduce bitter partisan politics, by people who should have known better!

22nd August 2011, 01:12
I'm glad I got to see it then before you deleted it. Was really quite funny.

22nd August 2011, 04:42
Happy I saw it too. ;)

22nd August 2011, 06:34
my opinion: all partisans should be tied up in a sack and thrown into the river.

this whole us vs them thing is causing problems, not solving them.

22nd August 2011, 07:23
Some of the jokes were rather good. At previous job, the running recession joke was:

It will become so bad, we will be asked to use .pdfs instead of toilet paper. :)