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18th July 2011, 03:03

A simple question: what is the best/cheapest way to connect a home cinema receiver to a VGA monitor? I have no HDMI left (this goes a projector), but have component (YPbPr ), svideo and composite outputs... I'm guessing component to VGA is the easiest.

The main reason is to use a small (old) VGA monitor to view some things without having to switch on the projector. A computer will be connected to a HDMI input, projector to the HDMI output and if possible I would like also a VGA monitor connected to another output of the amplifier. I have read that the receiver does not downconvert from HDMI, I guess this would mean the computer image will not show on the monitor though...

The whole idea is just a concept; it might be useful but if it gets too clumsy or expensive I can do without.
So, any suggestions?


18th July 2011, 06:11
There are a lot of component to VGA converters. Any one of them should do the trick.


If all you need are more HDMI ports you could always get an HRMI switch. Though HDMI switches can be a pain if you don't have a macro remote that can add HDMI switching into the functions.


I use one at home with a Logitech Harmony One and it works well. Not this exact model mind you, just a generic Monoprice switch.

18th July 2011, 09:31
I've come across those component to vga converters, but they usually don't seem to get very good reviews....
I have enough HDMI inputs, but the receiver only has one HDMI output.

Still, I have a feeling it will be a lot of hassle for little benefit: the only benefit would be that the receiver could output to the vga monitor. As the computer goes via HDMI and the receiver, that one would no longer output to the vga monitor (receiver does not downconvert from HDMI).

I'll just connect the videocard to both the receiver and the VGA monitor, and do without receiver output on the vga monitor. It did make me wonder: if I clone hdmi + vga on the computer, how does it behave when playing protected content? Will it blank the vga (no HDCP) or will it blank both outputs?

18th July 2011, 10:46
Depends on the content and the playback engine. How strict the playback rules are depends on the broadcaster or content owner. I've played back HDCP over VGA (DirecTV's PC playback app), but only some content works, others give errors.

You'll just have to play with it.

18th July 2011, 11:42
ok, thanks! :)