View Full Version : changing pc & mb, can i keep my dual o/s?

1st March 2000, 12:27
my epox mb arrives tomorrow , am currently dual booting win 98 & w2k pro & really don't want to format & re-install everything. i did read somewhere about deleting something in the registry then the pc re installs all hardware again with new mb drivers, but, i can't remember what it was & if i can do this with 2 o/s?.
using a pII400 & abit be6 mb.
thanks in advance.


1st March 2000, 12:46
If your changing platforms from Intel to AMD then you sure better format and reinstall everything, or you'll be crashing all day long all over the place and won't have a clue as to where to start to look for the problem. If not, it's still a better bet to back up your data and start over again, or try ONLY AFTER BACKING UP EVERYTHING to do the switch without a reinstall. But i'll bet you a dollar it won't go well.

1st March 2000, 12:58
Well tuco,

Last time I changed mobo and CPU was when I upgraded to a P2-266 on my Asus P2B.

What I did was prior to closing down, goto the device manager in Windows 98 and delete everything I could find in there, pressing NO everytime Windows asked me if I wanted to reboot.

If you take over your harddrives, follow this procedure as well, just don't delete the harddrive entries and the controller entries.

If you think you could hurt yourself dearly by doing this in "Live" Windows, reboot to Safe Mode and delete all entries there (although you can't reach all entries there!!).

Then shut down the PC, after telling windows you want to reboot, yes.

Unattach your hdd(s), and cards, move all over to your new PC, and when everything checks out there, boot up on your new PC, goto the BIOS to detect your harddrive(s) and other stuff, save it to CMOS.

Then reboot again and let Windows98 first find all your stuff again, then reboot and choose Win2k and do the same.

Do have the right CD in your CD-player at all times.

I think this should work.

There will always be MURC, even after 5pm EDT !!!

1st March 2000, 13:09
I once upgraded from a P133 FX chipset to a PII300 BX and it worked just fine, didn't do anything special. Just backup the important stuff before you begin. If something goes wrong you have to reinstall everything anyway, so just try and see what happens.

1st March 2000, 14:09
thanks for that, i'm going to backup then delete everything in device manager. well it's bound to be a laugh at least, i just hope my athlon 600 bloody works as i've stripped it to the pcb & mounted it to a drilled alpha p3125. i know i should of waited for the mb to try it but, i woke in the early hours & it was just sitting there whispering to me -go on, you know want to ..