View Full Version : Delta IV Heavy's new digs/launch

Dr Mordrid
21st January 2011, 19:38
On Jan. 20, 2011 ULA's Delta IV Heavy launched a spy satellite into a polar orbit from it's new 2nd home, Space Launch Complex 6 (AKA "Slick Six") at Vandenberg AFB - the pad that was supposed to launch military shuttle missions that never materialized.

Delta IV Heavy is at the moment the US's largest launcher, capable of lofting up to 22.56 MT to LEO (low Earth orbit) or 12.98 MT to GTO (geostationary transfer orbit)

It will move to #2 when SpaceX starts flying the massive Falcon 9 Heavy, which will be capable of lofting 32.00 MT to LEO and 19.50 MT to GTO.

Delta IV Heavy @SLC-6. The big flash is from
vented hydrogen around the 1st stage igniting.