View Full Version : X-37b Space/spy Plane Returns

Dr Mordrid
3rd December 2010, 14:51
Link..... (http://www.space.com/missionlaunches/photos-x-37b-robot-space-plane-landing-101203.html)

Lots of pics. Should go up again in <1 yr.

4th December 2010, 15:25
That's an interesting looking ship. Amazing what they can [supposed] fit in there when you don't need room for people.

But if this plane is so super secret how did they get pictures this close up out?

Dr Mordrid
4th December 2010, 16:03
Its external design wasn't a secret, it's pics have been posted to NASA's site for years. The secrets lie in its various missions and specific capabilities. Clues are that it can dramatically change altitude and orbital inclination several times a mission - something documented by satellite watchers.

This all makes it a prototype for a flexible recon and orbital strike platform at the least, though an operational spacrcraft would probably be larger. Perhaps significantly so.