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22nd February 2000, 06:38
Just ordered myself a GFD... What cooling shall i use? I guess my original athlon "inabox" fan won't fit anymore?

Athlon 500/MSI 6167/128mb/7200rpm/SB128/G400Max/Win98/RH6.0

22nd February 2000, 08:00
As long as the heat transfer plate is still attached to the Athlon, standard heatsinks will still fit as normal.

22nd February 2000, 08:20
I've seen articles online about how to modify a heatsink to work with a total naked athlon. Look around, im sure you can find one. Basically you have to drill some holes in your heatsink to match the hole on the Athlons PCB.

22nd February 2000, 08:28
Hmmm, OK. I saw a few peps used the GlobalWin FKK32.. Greebe aswell... What had to be done to fit that on onto a naked athlon? And while I'm at it, how do i get the weeknumber from the serial (or whatever the numbers on top of the athlon are)?

Athlon 500/MSI 6167/128mb/7200rpm/SB128/G400Max/Win98/RH6.0

22nd February 2000, 23:58
The week number is easy to spot - on top of the case is will say something like K7550xx9952xxxx (the x's being numbers). This example is a 1999 week 52, and so on.

23rd February 2000, 10:32
Sometimes drastic measures are required. I had bad luck on my Athlon (a week 48 with a 600MHz core). It takes 1.95 volts and an Alpha heatsink to keep it running at 750, and that's with a a 1/3 cache multiplier since the cache chips are 3.3ns.

23rd February 2000, 11:40
I'm fortunate to have a week 54 550MHz CPU which has a 750MHz core. Currently 1/3 cache, 1.75v, rock solid.

System 1:
Microstar K7Pro (MS-6195) Motherboard
AMD Athlon 550 @ 900MHz
Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead Max
Matrox Rainbow Runner G-Series
Creative Soundblaster Live! Player 1024
Promise FastTak66 RAID Controller
2 x 13.5GB IBM ATA/66 HDD's
Panasonic SR-8584 6x DVD-ROM
Yamaha CRW8424 IDE CDR/RW
Panasonic SuperDisk LS-120
Netgear FA310TX 100m/bit PCI NIC

System 2:
Microstar MS-6167 Motherboard
AMD Athlon 500 @ 750MHz
128MB PC-133 SDRAM
Matrox Millennium G400 DualHead
Creative Soundblaster Live! Value
Hitachi GD-2500 4x DVD-ROM
Linksys LNE100TX 100m/bit PCI NIC

23rd February 2000, 13:00
My week 31 500 Athlon is stable at 600. Core voltage at 1.75 - with stock heatsink - I do have a lot of fans keeping the case cool (3-5 f above room temp). I did not want to chance a higher voltage setting. It would not post any higher than 500 without a voltage jump. Temp ranges 87-102 F depending on room temp and CPU activity.

Speaking of oc'd Athlon's, when you measure temperature is it on the actual chip (difficult to get to) or the heatsink? I have been measuring temp off the heatsink but did not know if this would give me an accurate picture or not. . .

23rd February 2000, 16:49
But sometimes, the date on the case differs from the one on the chip. My chip is 9947, and the date on case is 9948.
However, most K7-500 with 650 core can be overclocked to 750 or 800. Mine can run at 750, but not stable. I'm trying to increase the VCore and change a better power supply.