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17th February 2000, 15:26
Intel Dumps ATA
Intel and six partners want to replace your aging ATA drive interface with a faster one . The new interface busts open the bottleneck restricting hard drives and scales to six times current ATA transfer speeds.
The new interface, known as Serial ATA, pumps out 1.6Gbps contrasted to ATA/66 which is little over 0.5Gbs at maximum throughput. Serial ATA expects to scale to 6Gbps and will demo this fall. Expect to see it in desktops and entry-level RAID servers.
Apart from the speed increases, the most significant improvement is cable design. Serial ATA reduces the number of pins from the required 24 to four pins. The thinner cabling is expected to lower costs slightly, also.
Serial ATA disregards royalty licenses similar to IEEE 1394 which should speed adoption within the industry.
The major companies allied with Intel are Dell, IBM, Maxtor, Quantum and Seagate

What do you think?

17th February 2000, 16:31
The fastest ATA hardrives available do not even come close to the 66mb/s of the current standard. IMHO, I would not be too concerned about peak theoritical numbers.

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17th February 2000, 18:35
Really, what a waste! Until they can come out with a HD that pumps out 10-100x more data those peak specs are a waste. This will only lead to forcing us to replace current technology with another, that'll show limited performance benifits IMO. Intel just loves that serial crap... from Rambust and now to this... I can hear that sucking sound now! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

Mark F
17th February 2000, 20:25
Yes, but no more master/slave configuration hasles (hey how often have we seen this happen to people). No more 2 device per IRQ/chanel. Devices talk direct to the CPU/chipset/memory. And remember thats the bandwidth of the bus, not just for one device; stream a video on/off a drive, while burning a CR from a nother drive, and that bandwidth can be put to use, try it width todays drives (no SCSI), and you can easily have a problem at the drives fight for attention.
Hey I guess I just think it's a better idea, who's time is due. If the cost is cometative (as it's supposed to be) I cant wait.
Check out Anand's site for more info on the bus. I think its on IDF#2.

Mark F.

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OK here the direct link:

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