View Full Version : where can i get the daughter card (digitial I/O) for an MX300?

16th February 2000, 11:34
where can i get the daughter card (digitial I/O) for a Monster Sound MX300? i've heard they exist, but i can't find them anywhere. does anyone know where to buy one? i have a dolby digital receiver and a full Klipsch 5.1-channel system, and all i need now is the digital I/O daughter card to hook it up. i think it goes by the name of MX25, but pricewatch doesn't have any listings for it. please help! i really need it. i might call diamond about it... but they'll probably charge an @ssload for it. thanks. oh yeah, and i already know i should've gotten an Aureal SQ2500, so don't rub it in http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

thanks in advance!

Mark F
16th February 2000, 12:18
On the Diamond website ( http://www.diamondmm.com ). Under the MX300 page is a link for the MX25. From that page you can order it. Only place I have seen them.
But, I haven't been there in a while so it could have changed, as I now have a SQ2500 http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Mark F.

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16th February 2000, 22:02
i talked to diamond and they said they stopped making them, and they are sold out... they said that if i was lucky i could find a place on the internet that still has one, but i can't seem to... i really need some help!

17th February 2000, 04:50
Try www.pricewatch.com, (http://www.pricewatch.com,) and search 'MX25'.

That's a shopping search, but you can also try a regular search engine search as well; most of the links you'd get thru InfoSeek or Lycos will also be seller links.