View Full Version : Poor results with 3Dmark2000!

14th February 2000, 22:54
I only get 1500+ with default benchmark! 115CPU mark! What's the problem?

Abit VA6
P3 500E @ 750
Samsung 64MB pc100 @ 150
Matrox G400 Dualhead(latest drivers)

If I don't overclock, it's even worse!

15th February 2000, 01:50
What OS are you running? Win2000 could be your problem and 64 MB of RAM won't help either (especially in 2000)...


15th February 2000, 05:03
Yes, it'll run but very badly...

Yeah, those results do seem low for your specs. Anybody have any other ideas?


15th February 2000, 07:46
I also had the same problem. I swithced to 3dmark99 and all problems went away. Someone had mentioned to me thatMatrox confirmed a bug iwth 3dmark2k and g400. Try 3dmark99 and repost.


15th February 2000, 12:46
Check if you have bus-mastering ebabled.
Another thing, check if the cpu cache isnīt disabled in the bios.

And yes thatīs low, I score around 2700 with an Athlon 600, and Athlons are slighly slower than equally clocked coppermines in 3dmark2000.

15th February 2000, 15:15
I think it's very low as well. I have been scoring between 2,900 and 3,000 with a PIII clocked at 744 MHz.


15th February 2000, 16:27
Using Win98. BTW, can 3Dmark2000 run on win2000? 64MB is quite low but the results are far too poor...

15th February 2000, 18:32
150mhz FSB = 100mhz AGP
I'm not familiar with your motherboard, but does it have a bios option to change the AGP bus to one-half the FSB (75mhz)? I know G400's are hard to kill, but 100mhz AGP could do it.

Not to mention that even PC133 is likely to have problems at 150mhz.


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15th February 2000, 19:21
Thanks all for your help but my AGP bus is 75. The reslults are worse if I don't overclock. Guess there are bugs or anything in 3Dmark200. Are there any more benchmarking programs like Quake3? I don't know where to get it.

16th February 2000, 00:16
For the Q3 demo:

bring down the console with "~" and type "timedemo 1" and "demo demo001". When finished, bring the console again to see the results.

Try 3dmark99 max to see more results in d3d:

Have fun.

16th February 2000, 11:27
Yes, there are demos on the full version.

There are two important questions that remain unanswered, unless I missed something:

Is the CPU cache setting in your motherboard's BIOS enabled?

Is busmastering enabled in PowerDesk?

I've never seen a setup with so little RAM and such a fast CPU, so I'm not sure what your scores should be. I suspect they should be higher than they are, and that often indicates that something is disabled that should be enabled.


16th February 2000, 14:40
L1 cache-enabled
L2 cache-enabled

Will try out the demo and see...

16th February 2000, 16:14
Oh, what a large file size! I'm using a 56K modem. Does the full version CD of the game has the benchmark? Thanks.