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Dr Mordrid
8th June 2010, 11:51
Short version: the principal of our grandsons elementary school screwed the pooch and our son and daughter in law are PISSED.

Details: the school has this program, the culmination of which is a parade around the area, on the street and not the sidewalk, in which our 6 year old grandson would participate. My daughter in law discovered that this parade route went by the homes of at least 2-3 registered sex offenders.

They protested that the route should be changed, and when it wasn't they told the principal that our grandson could not participate. Basically, they feel that the existing parade route would be like presenting the neighborhood 'kiddie menu' to the pervs, enhancing their ability to pick and choose their next pursuit.

There were classes before the parade so keeping him out of school wasn't an issue, and the usual procedure is to place the kid in an alternative classroom or with a teacher for independent work.

So....what did the principal do? He sent our grandson out on the parade, off the school grounds, anyhow.

He also did not call any of the 6 contact numbers for 4 different adults, and their emails, that he has, to have him picked up early. When they went to talk to the principal about it he had no defense, and the cop that showed up (??!??) said it was a civil matter and wondered why he was there.

Next thing I know the kids had called the NBC affiliate in Detroit and their top correspondent is headed for our house.

Update later.

Dr Mordrid
8th June 2010, 13:07
All of the offenders end up being pedophiles. On the State website they're listed with color codes to denote the age of the victim, with red indicating 12 and under and all were red.

The news crew just left and informed the kids that their story will be aired during the 6pm news, probably right after the one about the 2nd grader who was kidnapped out of his school between leaving the science fair in the gym with his stepmother and leaving her on his way to his home room.

8th June 2010, 16:13
I'll be honest doc, in the first part I was a little sceptical on if it was a problem, seeing as the sex offender lists over there seem to at time contain people that have even just leared at someone of the opposite sex at times.

but yes, considering the offenders were pedophiles, and considering the principle should be aware of who/what is in the area, rake the dumb ****ole over the coals

9th June 2010, 00:05
I grew up in Detroit/Dearborn.
There is no block you can walk down that doesn't have a sex offender on it.
That town is a toilet.
There is no route through that town that wouldn't take them past a sex offender.

The err here is obviously the principals:

(a) did not just plan something on the school grounds ('cause there is nowhere in the crap-hole town you can go without tripping over sex offenders)

(b) did not honor the parents wishes, and keep their kids out of the event.

Knowing what your family is like, I'm sure they're not gonna let this rest, and that principal will be looking for a job soon...

9th June 2010, 21:21
I'm just amazed that the principal had no qualms to send the child on the parade after the parents had requested him to be removed from the parade. The principal definately have it coming, what was he thinking?

9th June 2010, 23:10
Forget the sex offenders for a moment. There is an activity outside of school limits and parents have the right to object to any activity taking part outside school limits. It's that simple, the sex offenders thing is just there to 'spice things up' and make them newsworthy. When I as a parent say I don't agree/allow my kid to leave school limits from the moment I put him there to the moment I come to get him, not only is the school not allowed to take my kid out, but they're also responsible not to let him out on his own, unless he's really crafty about it.

Dr Mordrid
10th June 2010, 17:20
I'm just amazed that the principal had no qualms to send the child on the parade after the parents had requested him to be removed from the parade. The principal definately have it coming, what was he thinking?
Obviously he wasn't thinking much, and neither are those other parents in the area who have supported the principal to the point of driving past our house yelling at our son & daughter in law. Fortunately the vast majority of parents aren't like the bozo's.

Dr Mordrid
13th June 2010, 14:40
The story is going national. Can't give details.