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7th June 2010, 08:51
If you guys care...
Here is the URL...


Eastern Standard time, the event will be at 1:00pm


7th June 2010, 16:08
Most of his thunder was stolen by the Gizmodo and Vietnam leaks. The screen looks fabulous from the photos, but I wish they would increase the size. 4.3" seems to be the new standard for high end phones. Otherwise it's more of the same. A4 proc (which is good from what I hear), front-facing camera with limited video chat (needs Wifi as the crappy AT&T network would probably buckle if it went over 3G), still only 3G capable (yay, 4G), same old interface.

Alas it doesn't matter to for three reasons. 1. still no chance I'll ever drop $110+ per month on a phone plan until inflation finally catches up to me. 2. I don't like other people chosing what I can and can't do with my devices. 3. Andriod.

Chucky Cheese
8th June 2010, 00:52
I just got the EVO Saturday...no 4G where I am at yet but man this thing is fast. I now feel like using the phone for more things!


8th June 2010, 01:03
I just got the EVO Saturday...no 4G where I am at yet but man this thing is fast. I now feel like using the phone for more things!


I'm envious :lick:

Chucky Cheese
8th June 2010, 01:30
After being on a Windows phone(Touch Pro 2, WM 6.5 Pro), this phone seems like a rocket ship with its 1GHz processor. The TP2 only had a 528Mhz processor and web surfing really was tedious.

So far I have had no problems pairing up with my bluetooth devices. Eclair seems stable!


8th June 2010, 03:20
I've been eyeing an iPhone for so long... So maybe after summer I could take the plunge... It seems like a nice upgrade to my 3 years old (going on 4) HTC TyTN with WM6.1. Oddly enough, I'm still using my 6 year old Nokia 6260. I upgraded to the HTC because I wanted a keyboard, wifi and faster internet. In Poland, I use the Nokia with my Belgian number (don't use it that often) and as alarm clock; whereas the HTC has my Polish number.
But I have a feeling the Nokia will even outlive the HTC: it is just so much more comfortable and stable to use (stability is one of the reasons I want to upgrade).
I know there are other phones out there that may have more features, but I feel I would prefer a device that doesn't require constant tweaking and trickery to use... :)

Hmmm.... maybe I could get it on a Polish subscription and unlock when going back to Belgium? (although I'm weary about unlocking things)

8th June 2010, 08:33
Qualcom just announced they are shipping the a new 1.2 GHz dual-core snapdragon platform with enhanced graphics (OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.) and more features all around. I smell an EVO2 in the works already.

I may jump on the EVO bandwagon once the price drops a little. I used to work for Sprint so I get a sweet deal on service. I still using an old Mogul. Now that's painful to surf with. There is 4G just north of me too in Charlotte, but not across the border in SC yet.

9th June 2010, 00:57
The problem is now with all these faster processors and bigger and better screens is that the battery tech is not keeping pace. I have to charge the battery on my Samsung Eternity every nite when I get home otherwise it will run out during the next day and it's only a half smart fone..

9th June 2010, 01:08
How true...

I once installed a hack on my Windows mobile device to share its 3G connection over wifi (normally you can only share over bluetooth or usb). I had the device plugged in, but despite that it cave a low battery warning and shut itself of after less than an hour... :)
Now, the device is nearly 4 years old, and wifi is almost useless as the battery gets drained so fast... :(

They really need to come up with either less power hungry devices, or better battery technology...

9th June 2010, 10:34
Is the EVO a CDMA phone? if so it's already outdated. HSDPA is the way to go. Bell Canada added HSPA to their network at 7.2Mbps and it's awesome, eventually we will grandfather CDMA and switch fully to HSPA at even higher speeds.

9th June 2010, 14:34
EVO is CDMA. Sprint was the first CDMA carrier in the US. 4G is ala WiMax and has similar speeds as HSDPA.

The EVO is a great phone, but the battery life with 4G on, even with idle use, is apparently abismal. People have to shut off 4G when not in use. Maybe the next EVO, EVO2?, will sport the new 1.2GHz snapdragon made with 45 nm fabrication and a WiMax chip that doesn't need a nuclear battery to run.

Chucky Cheese
10th June 2010, 00:48
the battery on my EVO barely makes it 10 hours with the way I use it. And it is pretty much the way it comes out of the box, I have not started adding apps or customizing it yet.

I did just buy an Energizer "Energi to Go" battery at BB(19.95) and plan on keeping it at work for that extra charge just in case.