View Full Version : hdcp not recognized

4th June 2010, 12:51

I have an Epson EH-TW2900, which is a full HD projector (with hdmi and hdcp). Via hdmi I have a Zotac ION platform computer connected; the ION platform uses a nVidia 9300 as GPU.

The nVidia Control Panel has a function "check hdcp compatiblity", and this check tells me my display is not hdcp capable... what gives? It should be... The nVidia control panel shows an image of a videocard, cable and display, and there is a red cross over the display.

Does this indicate a possible problem with the projector? Or with the cable? Or with the computer? Or with the videocard?

How do I start troubleshooting this?



4th June 2010, 13:55
Weird, now it recognizes it... I haven't made any change to the system... Guess this was a normal hdcp glitch as they sometimes happen... :rolleyes: