View Full Version : Prob with Word hyperlinks in Vista

Fat Tone
15th November 2009, 10:09
I have this problem on a Vista/Office2k7 machine. It is not a problem on two other XP machines one with Office 2k3 and one with 2k7.

When opening a word doc from a college extranet, the path to the document would be say http://xxx.yyy.11.68/courses/lm/418/NVQ%20ITQ%20Level%202%20(OCR).doc

This opens a word doc with a hyperlinked list of documents in subfolders of that location. On the XP machines the links appear in the above format and I can simply ctrl+click on the links and the documents open just fine.

On the vista machine, the hyperlink has changed to be relative to the documents location, so in Temporary Internet files if I opened the index document directly, or to the save location if I saved it first.

Any suggestions please?

And will Windows 7 be any different?