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8th October 2009, 01:04

I'm looking at options to add a tuner to my pc. One of the alternatives I am considering is setting up a pc with the tuner(s), and stream data from that one to my Media Center PC (with control from the media center).
Is this possible?
What does it require (OS on server, plugins in media center?, configuration, ...)?


8th October 2009, 04:18
I use mediaportal/win 7(x64) for my htpc, it has a dual hybrid tuners.

I can watch tv on any pc hooked up to my home network.

One gotcha is that the media portal client works with windows xp, vista 32/64 and win 7 64/32, NOT on windows 2000, xp pro x64 or win server 2003.

Last time i tried to setup my htpc using linux I hit a brick wall with the dual tuner card, hopefully they might have added support for it by now, I will give another try in the next month or so.

11th October 2009, 04:23

Is there a way of using Windows media center as front-end on the clients?
Maybe with Wndows home server?