View Full Version : dvb-s tuner with CI

30th September 2009, 04:53

I'm looking for a DVB-S (or even DVB-S2) tuner that works with Windows Media Center (on Windows 7, but I expect that Vista compatibility will work). It ought to be compatible with TV Vlaanderen, meaning that I also need it to read a smartcard (CI module).

As my mainboard has no PCI slots, it should either work on PCIe, USB or Firewire. I expected to buy a FireDTV (connects to firewire), but this firm has stopped its activities.

Any suggestions?
(am currently looking at the Elgato EyeTV Sat (http://www.elgato.com/elgato/int/mainmenu/products/tuner/EyeTV-Sat/product1.en.html) or the Terratec S7 (http://www.terratec.net/en/products/TerraTec_S7_83208.html) - basically the same device, but haven't found media center compatibility of either of them)
Ideally, I'd like an internal solution, like this: http://www.terratec.net/en/products/Cinergy_S2_PCI_HD_CI_1892.html ; but then with PCIe...