View Full Version : DVD drive for use with G400

1st February 2000, 11:36
Planning to add a DVD drive to system. Which drive works good with my G400 32mb DH?
thanks, Designer

1st February 2000, 14:35
Any drive will work, try the pioneer 6X or 10X, many people have bought these with excellent results!

Celeron 300A@464 2.0V, 128meg generic PC-100 RAM (running at CAS2) Abit BH6, G400 16meg DH@150/200, Western Digital Expert 18gig, Ricoh mp7040A(morphed to mp7060A) Pioneer 6X DVD slot load, Motorola Cable Modem w/DEC ethernet card, Soundblaster Live Value Ver. 2, Viewsonic GT 775

1st February 2000, 17:50
Toshiba SD-M1212 if you can get it

2nd February 2000, 00:25
I recently bought the Acer 1040...seems fine, but I admit I haven't run a DVD in it, needed a multiread 2nd CD-ROM to read disks from my CD-RW.

But, of course, that's just an excuse to buy... what should I buy? 'The Matrix' seems to be everybody's 1st choice... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


2nd February 2000, 08:05
The Matrix is a cool movie. However, there are plenty of excellent DVD's out there you could also try out. 12 Monkeys is a fatanstic film. Brazil is another. There's just tons of choices really. What kinda movie you like so I can suggest something more apropiate?

2nd February 2000, 09:39
If I just got a DVD the first movie I'd get would be 8MM. If you haven't seen it, you at least gotta rent it.