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28th January 2000, 10:06
Athlon 500's are pretty cheap at the moment (125.00 + VAT), I expect this is because they are effectively discontinued, but use the old .25 core. The Athlon 550 is slight ly more expensive and available with a .18 core.

Now the problem is that from the info elsewhere on the web the newer Athlons ie. .18's are not as overclockable as the older .25's.

Do I get an old 500 while I still can, which should clock to around 700mhz, or do I buy a new .18 Athlon which wont clock very high or buy neither and wait until the .18's are more clockable?

Any views on the subject.

28th January 2000, 12:26
What's your current computer config?


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28th January 2000, 13:05
As you asked.......

Machine 1 (Main Machine):-

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Machine 2 (Test Machine):-

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Machine 3 (Server):-

Pentium II 300 (very old so not clockable!), Shite LX m'board, 64Mb RAM, Compaq Wide SCSI controller, various small IDE & SCSI HD's, Tident AGP Card (Doh!), 3Com 3C509 etc.

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28th January 2000, 13:53
If you want something relatively cheap and you're worried about getting a .25 micron part, have you considered an FC-PGA coppermine? You can probably o/c a 500 or 550 to 700+ without any kind of super elite cooling. Just get that Iwill slocket and a good BX board and you can avoid all the headaches of Athlon boards as well as the giant hole they burn in your pocket. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/icons/icon2.gif