View Full Version : Spaceport America groundbreaking Friday

Dr Mordrid
17th June 2009, 17:37
New Mexico's Spaceport America breaks ground Friday.

Site here with info on the webcast....
SA will be a major private space terminal for suborbital and eventually orbital flights, including launches by Lockheed etc. In fact Lockheed did a suborbital test of a spaceplane design last year.

The first passenger spacecraft operating from there will be Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo (first in the series will be the "VSS Enterprise", followed by one rumored to be named "VSS Voyager" and many others) and X-COR's Lynx.

For the record: SS2's mother ship, White Knight 2 (first is "Eve"), has performed several test flights this month with the latest going to 52,400 feet.


Flight summaries.... (http://scaled.com/projects/t1b/logs-WK2.htm)

VSS Enterprise is due to be rolled out later this summer or early this fall then immediately ginto test flights.

YouTube video from the Virgin Galactic channel showing recent SS2 engine tests plus a bit of promo and demo video here.... (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0y_x5QliKT4)

Here are the latest renderings of the SA terminal