View Full Version : Real reason the NK missile failed.....

Dr Mordrid
10th April 2009, 02:21

10th April 2009, 09:22
I iz Kitzilla!

Dr Mordrid
10th April 2009, 23:19
The US said it would do something about NK's missile test. Everyone was thinking it would be a shoot-down using the Aegis SM-3, but instead the Catus Low Altitude Weapon System was used.

This is the first time someone's managed to get a pic of CLAWS in action, but you've all seen it's predecessor the Giant Ordnance Diapsid Zoomorphic Infantry Large Lizard Attacker, so these anti-installation systems shouldn't come as a complete surprise.

Wonder why we didn't use the old system, it is after all based in Tokyo...

10th April 2009, 23:42
Roflol . . . . .