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7th April 2009, 08:31

Very cool. The site is getting slammed at the moment though. 8-bay drobo with immediate support for up to 16TB, and future proof for more. Has firewire, USB and iSCSI/ethernet. Rack mountable and it looks pretty. Too bad the starting price is $1300.

7th April 2009, 14:37
Seen one before at my previous job. It was used for backing up some molecular modeling information. As more space is needed, drives can be added until a unit is full on the fly from what she said.

8th April 2009, 01:41
It's like raid for idiots not that anyone that uses it is one of course.

8th April 2009, 11:06
Pretty much. The use "BeyondRAID" which can adjust the volume and disk sizes almost on the fly (there is a work period between an add/remove).


There is also a capacity planner that tells you how much space is taken up by redundancy and what you get with your drive configuration.