View Full Version : Pray For Us!!

Dr Mordrid
6th April 2009, 15:32
The love of my life gave up (of all things) chocolate for Lent and it's starting to show. Even the kids are begging me to sneak some into something, anything, that we can get down her throat.

Jeezzzz....I wish she'd given up something she doesn't need to satisfy her double-X's biochemical requirements http://www.space.com/common/forums/images/smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif

6th April 2009, 15:53
Isn't Lent like...ending in a day or two? :p

Dr Mordrid
6th April 2009, 16:15
Sunday, which isn't soon enough. By then she might take a machete to us :p

6th April 2009, 16:25
You can concince her it ends in Thurstday morning :p (we have a tradition/day that literally can be translaced as "hare" - basically kids (though it's not really exlusive to them) get sweets/chocolate :p )