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29th March 2009, 15:33

29th March 2009, 15:59
good find 8Þ

29th March 2009, 17:48
That was a riot.

Dr Mordrid
29th March 2009, 21:05
It overstates the power of a 7.62x54r chambered gun - which is the rough equivalent of a 30-06 Springfield, a medium power big game rifle based on the round used by the US military for 60+ years, often in the M1 Garand.

Powerful compared to an AK or AR, yes. Knock down downrange targets with its shock wave, no.

If you want that experience though I could provide it with either a .50 buffalo rifle shooting 500 grains (3,000+ ft/lb) or a .460 Weatherby Magnum shooting 500 grains (8,100 ft/lb).

Both of those will make tree branches downrange shake visibly, though seeing them through the buffalo rifles smoke can be a bit troublesome ;)